Experience Matters

There is a pervasive myth in the computer business that youth holds the keys to technology and experience has no place. The place of experience has revealed itself many times over through dot.com busts and flash in the pans.

It is important for any business involved in technology to put their ear to the train track and listen closely for new technologies that are coming from far off in the distance because one day, that train may arrive and run your technology over.

  • If your heart stopped beating, wouldn’t you prefer a doctor with a decades of heart surgery to one with a few?
  • If the jet you were on was embracing for a thunder storm, wouldn’t you prefer a pilot who had survived decades of such thunderstorms than a graduate?
  • Wouldn’t you prefer the person who built your house to not have you as their first, second or third customer but instead, your one hundred and first?

The same truths apply to the health of your business and the website that represents it.

It is hard to find a company focused on web technologies for decades. There are many new entries in this field all the time.  By new, we mean less than 10 years.

Wisdom: The product of many failures – over a long period of time

If you own a computer, we don’t have to tell you about the lessons of failed efforts 😉 Now magnify that times all the computers we come in contact with and all the websites we’ve created. The lessons of failed efforts result in the wisdom we bring to YOUR website. As a result, we think long and hard about the types of technologies we should embrace and include in our website framework. You benefit from this experience and the careful plotting of our web technology future.

We were creating DOS programs when Windows came out. We learned from that experience and instead of becoming Windows programmers focused on the far away train called the Internet. It was distant, but our DOS lesson proved invaluable and that DOS failure has made us experts in web technology because it caused us to study it long before it was a de facto standard.

We were heavily vested in using Flash for websites only to realize search engines failed with Flash. When Apple pulled the plug on Flash a decade later it was yet another wisdom builder. Another lesson. We took those lessons forward into our latest offering.

The owner of CompuMatter has been viewing websites since day 1 of the Internet and launched his first completed websites in 1998, a site that is still alive today. He goes back to a period in time when the first animated gif was a big deal. When there were no videos, no music, no news. When Netscape was king and Internet Explorer was a mere glint in Bill Gates eye.

He has been passionately staying abreast of the latest in web technology as each year and decade has gone by. As you can imagine, this results in a breadth and depth of knowledge that would do your website justice.

Simply put, there is nothing on all of the Internet that you can find that we cannot recreate and many things we can create that are not found anywhere else.

CompuMatter websites are built on the back of decades of experience

    Seattle Boat Show vendor - Capt'n Tom Griffin was pleased enough with our work that he took the time to thank us while he was on task in the vendors booth. Thank You Tom - We're glad that your glad ! .-.
    Animals Recommend CompuMatter.-.
    No company, not even the really big ones, can have developers on staff that meet every possible need of website development ~Yet, clients need that from us. This is how we fill in those gaps when they occur. .-.
    CompuMatter Business Servers - remote Quickbooks demo ~ This tutorial explains to owners of or CompuMatter Small Business Servers how bookkeepers or themselves can easily remotely access their Quickbooks software without having to pay 3rd party helper programs like Teamviewer and Logmein. .-.
    Apple and Linux - More in common than you might think ~ Here we log into the terminal environment of both and highlight the keywords that apply to both. A sure sign of their common ancestry. .-.
    A little pre-production video humor ~ A humerous but insightful look around as technicians Douglas and Jason prepare for their product video demonstrations.-.
    Killer Whale / Orca Animation ~ CompuMatter demonstrates incorporating Animal Movements / Animation into a presentation!-. .-.
    Demonstrating the power of Video Emails. Can you imagine as a client how much more respect you'd have for the service company that replies to your email in this fashion. This is an actual example of my follow up to a website client. .-.
    Owner of CompuMatter, Jay Lepore explains why it's so important for a computer store to cover as wide an area of problem solving as possible and his commitment to doing just that..-.
    Welcome to the Worlds Best Laptop - all technicians at CompuMatter are in agreement on this. We carry a line of off lease refurbished ThinkPads that are in perfection condition at far less than new prices - and with 1 year warranties ! .-.