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The owner of CompuMatter used his first Apple product as a web developer and graphics designer nearly 2 decades ago on an Apple iMac G3 and Macromedia Dreamweaver (before Adobe bought Macromedia). Those were pretty cool. He appreciates the overall predictable operation of Apple products day in and day out as he pushed them to the limit with programs like Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash and Adobe Pagemaker and more.
Apple iMac

One of many goals for CompuMatter is to be a one stop shop for all computer owners including the additions of Apple, PC, Linux, Chrome OS and others.

Apple service needs we regularly see include:
  • Problems with data backups (Time Machine)
  • Upgrade problems – trying to get to a newer version but running into blocks
  • iTunes, iCloud / iPhoto problems of various natures.
  • Problems in getting their music, photos or videos to display normally on multiple devices including iPhones / iPads and even their PC computer
  • Generational issues ie; Apple products that are not working with certain browsers due to age restrictions.
  • Data recovery due to failing hard drives

When you come into CompuMatter, you’ll will be greeted by a technician seated behind a 27″ iMac just to make sure you feel welcome.

CompuMatter is right at home with your Apple product needs be it iMacs, MacBooks, Tablets or Phones so come on down.

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