Ahhhh Linux

A personal favorite of CompuMatter’s owner for a variety of reasons.

Apple and Linux – Brothers From A Different Mother (Dad is a Unix)

Here’s a unknown factoid for many. The operating system for Apple computers (OSX) was originally based on the Unix operating system as this Apple document from Apple.com makes quite clear: http://images.apple.com/media/us/osx/2012/docs/OSX_for_UNIX_Users_TB_July2011.pdf

The Linux operating system, like Apple is also based on Unix as this document makes clear: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix-like

As a result, Linux and Apple are indeed brothers from a different mother. For instance, I can go to a command line and type ‘ls’ to list the directory of files in each. I can also ‘cp’ to copy files or ‘mv’ to move files. They mount their hard drives similarly and home directory structure for users is nearly identical.

They are so similar that we have actually installed the latest Linux software on a 2009 Apple iBook computer and it ran beautifully and breathed new life into a slightly older computer.

Damn Near Bullet Proof

You’ll often hear that Apple doesn’t get as many viruses and malware. However Linux is better yet. We’ve never seen a Linux personal computer with a virus. We’re not saying it’s impossible, however we are saying it’s ridiculously rare and after 8 years of working with Linux we haven’t seen it yet.

As you can tell by reading this, CompuMatter is well steeped in Linux. We have multiple Linux servers in our store that host websites and email for our customers. We have a Linux personal computer on standby for data recovery efforts from both PC and Apple drives.

So, if you’ve got a Linux computer that needs servicing, we’re not sure you could bring it to any place better.