We Take All Comers – Windows, Apple, Android, Linux, Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, iPhones, iPads, Galaxy Phones, Cracked Screens, Website Design, Website Hosting, One-on-One Training, Computer sales, Server sales, Flash Animation and much, much more. No other company offers so many technical solutions to walk in customers – under one roof.
This is why we say "ALL THINGS COMPUTER"
A few of our many thousands of customers
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Refurbished Desktops, Laptops, Tablets ++
Why we love ThinkPads
Dell 19" Tablet / Wireless Desktop
We sell computers, routers, back up drives, and too much more to list
As the years have passed my vision is rock solid
CompuMatter will grow and one day - be their voice
Friendly and Caring – Our goal – to treat you as we would want our Mother, Brother, Sister or Father treated if they walked into some other computer store as a stranger to them. We don’t want you to feel vulnerable. We don’t want you to feel stupid.
Thinking About A New Website?

Design – Create – Hosting – Email we do it all

Sometimes you don’t even know what questions need asking. We can lend a guiding hand.

After a bit of consuling, we’ll help you storyboard what you need, come up with a graphic design and turn that design into your website. Beyond that, we’ll host the website on our servers and if you wish, setup your company email.

Whatever the questions, we’re in the right position to answer them.

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PNV Yacht Charters Project
Home Page Design
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Soroptimist of Anacortes Project
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Island Cafe Restaurant Project

We Can Help You With All Of It – Often times you just don’t know what you don’t know. We’re experts at the entire process. After a bit of consulting we’ll help you storyboard what you need, come up with a graphic design, turn that into a website and even host it for you. Not sure about email? We’ll guide you through that to. Whatever the questions you have, we’re the right company to get the answers from.

    Seattle Boat Show vendor - Capt'n Tom Griffin was pleased enough with our work that he took the time to thank us while he was on task in the vendors booth. Thank You Tom - We're glad that your glad ! .-.
    Animals Recommend CompuMatter.-.
    No company, not even the really big ones, can have developers on staff that meet every possible need of website development ~Yet, clients need that from us. This is how we fill in those gaps when they occur. .-.
    CompuMatter Business Servers - remote Quickbooks demo ~ This tutorial explains to owners of or CompuMatter Small Business Servers how bookkeepers or themselves can easily remotely access their Quickbooks software without having to pay 3rd party helper programs like Teamviewer and Logmein. .-.
    Apple and Linux - More in common than you might think ~ Here we log into the terminal environment of both and highlight the keywords that apply to both. A sure sign of their common ancestry. .-.
    A little pre-production video humor ~ A humerous but insightful look around as technicians Douglas and Jason prepare for their product video demonstrations.-.
    Killer Whale / Orca Animation ~ CompuMatter demonstrates incorporating Animal Movements / Animation into a presentation!-. .-.
    Demonstrating the power of Video Emails. Can you imagine as a client how much more respect you'd have for the service company that replies to your email in this fashion. This is an actual example of my follow up to a website client. .-.
    Owner of CompuMatter, Jay Lepore explains why it's so important for a computer store to cover as wide an area of problem solving as possible and his commitment to doing just that..-.
    Welcome to the Worlds Best Laptop - all technicians at CompuMatter are in agreement on this. We carry a line of off lease refurbished ThinkPads that are in perfection condition at far less than new prices - and with 1 year warranties ! .-.