We Take All Comers – Windows, Apple, Android, Linux, Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, iPhones, iPads, Galaxy Phones, Cracked Screens, Website Design, Website Hosting, One-on-One Training, Computer sales, Server sales, Flash Animation and much, much more. No other company offers so many technical solutions to walk in customers – under one roof.

Anacortes,WA Storefront
CompuMatter Welcome Area

Refurbished Desktops, Laptops, Tablets ++
Why we love ThinkPads
Dell 19" Tablet / Wireless Desktop
We sell computers, routers, back up drives, and too much more to list
As the years have passed my vision is rock solid
CompuMatter will grow and speak for them

Friendly and Caring – Our goal – to treat you as we would want our Mother, Brother, Sister or Father treated if they walked into some other computer store as a stranger to them. We don’t want you to feel vulnerable. We don’t want you to feel stupid.
Thinking About A New Website?
We Can Help You With All Of It – Often times you just don’t know what you don’t know. We’re experts at the entire process. After a bit of consulting we’ll help you storyboard what you need, come up with a graphic design, turn that into a website and even host it for you. Not sure about email? We’ll guide you through that to. Whatever the questions you have, we’re the right company to get the answers from.
Is Your Business Run Efficiently?
How much productivity is your business loosing because your business processes are fractured?
We Can Streamline Your Business – Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam eget vestibulum nunc, at fringilla metus. Phasellus at viverra sapien. Morbi tempor auctor lacinia. Donec feugiat felis eros, in blandit orci pellentesque quis.

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    John Wilkinson came in for a Gmail account recovery but he no longer had the phone number tied to it. Douglas got him going again and I thank you John for taking the time to do this video testimonial. Much appreciated. Jay Owner CompuMatter .-.
    Chuck Spaeth has done business with us for perhaps 10 years now. As an ex-pilot and boating captain he appreciates systems (including businesses) working like they're supposed to. We appreciate Chuck. We also appreciate the case of interesting multi-type micro brew beers he has dropped off as a thank you on more than a few occasions over the years !! .-.
    Ruth needed training - she made an appointment with Douglas @ CompuMatter. Now she's knows everything 😉 Thanks for coming to us Ruth... again and again. Also thanks for referring other people to us. We are grateful. Jay Owner CompuMatter .-.
    Customer Bart Evans shares his appreciation of CompuMatter 🙂 Customer Bart Evans shares his appreciation of CompuMatter while being assisted by technician Douglas Lepore. Thank you Bart. We love you to too 😉 Thanks for being our customer over the years and helping us chase our dreams Jay Owner CompuMatter .-.
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