Why are CompuMatter websites the best – let us count the ways 😉

That is a really, really, really big question. Without exaggeration we could probably write a book on it and might 😉 Ultimately the answer is longer than you’re likely to stay and read.

So we will cover some of the highlights that we believe make CompuMatter the only choice for your new website. Below we will outline many (not all) of the specific bullet points that tell you in clear terms why CompuMatters website technology is the best on the planet.

Maximizing Screen Real Estate

See what you (and your customers) will be missing…. quite literally

CompuMatter invented the technology, from the ground up, over a period of years, to shrink and grow text, pixel by pixel. At this point in history, we’re the only ones who can do it.

Image you just spent big bucks on a full page ad in the newspaper serving your community. When the paper came out with your ad you find they added a thick white border around it that took up 50% of the ad space. Yet, they charged you the full price? That’s what happens every day in the website business.

That’s what’s happening every day world wide. It may be a white border, a picture fill, or some other fake-out to make you imagine you’re not missing anything but simply put, it’s all a ruse because the technology up till now, didn’t exist to do it properly.

It doesn’t matter if they spent 1000.00 or a 1,000,000.00 for a website, the same technology barrier applies to all of them.

CompuMatter alone has broken that barrier. If you’re looking at our website on a 1080p screen you’ll notice it fits the screen edge to edge.

We took the time to provide you with screen shots of many high tech companies and a few others to show you how they fail to maximize screen real estate in a standard 1080p monitor. These include names like Microsoft, Apple, Wall Street Journal, Tesla and yes, even Google.

No matter what size screen your clients have, we want your website to fill it up. We want you to get the maximum impact possible. Most web development firms design
for an average size monitor. When a clients monitor is 1080p, they fill it with blank spaces or enlarge a photo. Search engines don’t read blank spaces or stretched out photos. You get nothing for your money with that method.

You can place a single dot in the middle of a page and say it’s a website and compatible with all devices. You can see an example of that at our oneperiodwebsite.com

We take the time to carefully analyze your website at 7 different resolutions. At each point, we pixel by pixel determine how we can fit more relevant information OR when shrinking for mobile devices, determine what non-relevant information can be removed. The rubber meets the road when it’s time for your website to expand. The CompuMatter website you are looking at fills all monitors edge to edge meaning we’re easier to read and much, much more impactful on typical desktop monitors while at the same time scaling down to pixel perfect precision on mobile devices.

In short, this is called Maximizing Screen Real Estate. This insures you get the most advertising bang for your buck. Up to 55% more in some cases.

Conversely, if you’re looking at our website on a mobile device you’ll notice the navigation button is clearly marked sitting in the top right corner and taking up very little space. We take up the entire screen, whatever it’s size, with your content. Maximizing screen real estate is a direct reflection of value received.

Experience Is The Best Teacher
We were creating web technology when there was only black text, gray backgrounds and no pictures of any kind. Moving forward we launched our first website in 1998 when the Internet was just gaining traction. We’ve been immersed in website technology ever since. If you favor the concept that accumulated wisdom comes with age, you will recognize the value in that.

Having said that, every day is a constant study. We are always up on the very latest in technology. We are studying constantly and able to bring anything you see on the web to your website as reading down this page will reveal to you.

Device Compatible – Looks great no matter what they’re using (phone, computer, tablet)
Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome are all generically called ‘Browsers’. They allow you to browse the Internet. Each are owned by different companies and each are responsible for interpreting the code that website developers like us create. The generations old problem is they don’t always interpret our code the same way. This results in websites that look different from one browser to another and in some cases, cause a website to fail completely. This is among the most important aspects of website development and an area that is often overlooked by less experienced website developers.

To make things more complex, Android, Windows, Apple, Linux all versions of the above 4 major browsers that are not the same as each other. If we take these 4 major devices and multiply them by the 4 major browsers that alone is 16 different environments a website should be tested in before it can be said that it is browser compatible.

Still there are many more ways to fail. We absolutely must test on different screen size. A website that looks good on a full size monitor may not look good or be hard to use at phone size resolutions. Or it may look good at both of these screen sizes and fail at tablet size resolutions. There are in fact roughly 10 different major screen resolutions that your customers may look at your website in. This, when multiplied by the 16 different previously mentioned browser and device varieties gives us now 160 different possible ways a client could be looking at your website.

CompuMatter is a computer store. We have access to all these resolutions, devices and browsers. Most website companies will not have this luxury and so your website will fail to look optimal on some or many combinations mentioned above.

There are a seemingly unlimited number of ways that a website can look different from one device to another. Do not assume because it looks good on your screen you’re good to go. That is the equivalent of burying your head in the sand.

Professional website development means testing the way things look at each step of the websites creation in all the major browser, device and resolutions. That’s what we do.

Best Mobile Menus in the business

It has been reported that more people will look at your website in a mobile device than a desktop.

CompuMatter has custom built a mobile menu that has 2 very unique features. First, it has a menu button in the top right corner which takes up very little screen real estate yet is very obvious.

No ‘site push-down’ effect. When you click on it, your website is not shifted down as occurs with many mobile menus. There’s a lot of ugly ways to do mobile navigation. We know, we’ve looked at and experimented with hundreds of them. Some are just a complete after thought. None are as smooth as ours.

We spent a full month testing and retesting this area as we know that mobile navigation is the center piece of your website. It must be easily accessed, highly visible, easy to operate and look like it was made for mobile. Our navigation menus slide smoothly out from the left wall of your mobile device and hovers so you may make your selection.

The second one of a kind feature is the accordion behavior. No matter how many levels of menu items you have, this menu shortens up the ones no longer being used and expands the menu item most recently chosen. This accordion effect insures that your mobile menu takes up the very least possible space of any mobile menu on all of the Internet while at the same time providing the most intuitive mobile navigation possible.

WordPress Backend
The name WordPress may conjure up simple, template driven websites and they can in fact be that. An early student can find a free template and get themselves going with a WordPress site. Having said that, you can also make the most complex of websites that take thousands and thousands of hours to construct (yes we’ve done that) IF you know how to weave into the very fabric of WordPress to create your own plugins, themes, forms and custom code. That’s what we do.

The end result you don’t end up with one company’s template and a varied bunch of plugins from other developers. You end up with one cohesive site where every bit of code works together yet comes with the robust back end of a WordPress site. Things like Photo Galleries, Youtube Videos, Testimonials, Photo Silders, Contact Us forms, Hours of Operation and much more have been coded by CompuMatter. We’ve written them, tested them and know how they work. If there’s a problem along the way, we don’t have to email some plugin developer in India that may have created it. We fix it right here.

Your Business Done Pixel Perfect
We want to know how your business works and what matters most. If you break out an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper and turn it sideways, that’s a website. That’s a piece of online real estate.

Now you and us have to determine how much priority we’re going to give to each aspect of your business. That’s called ‘weighting’ your website. We will then make sure those items are placed on the page in order of its prominence (weight). Armed with results of that meeting, we’ll have our designer create the look and feel we think best represents your business based on this interview. We’ll also incorporate (or design) your logo and any other branding you may desire. Once we have your approval on that design, we’ll move on to create your website from it. This is the most professional approach that comes from years of experience and insures do overs are kept to a minimum

Minimizing Mistakes
Let’s face it, you’re not a web developer. You don’t even know what you don’t know. We’d be in the same boat with your occupation. We know from experience you can go down a long road with a developer in the creation of your website only to realize after all the money is spent that you didn’t know something that made the whole thing ineffective or at the least, took the wind out of your sail. Our decades of experience and the above stated interview process are insurance against making those kinds of mistakes with us.

Your Site Lives On The Best Hardware
Where do we start. Oh yes, with the server that holds your website. It’s the best there is. Go ahead, try and find better.

Your website will be living on an Intel Core i7, Super Micro server with a 6 Drive Samsung PRO SSD Raid Array and 32GB of memory. It’s certainly among the top 2% performance servers on the web and no cheap monthly hosting alternative will provide this level of speed for you. In addition, it lives inside our walls and not at some 3rd party host so if somethings wrong, the buck stops here. It’s connected to the Internet with a blazing fast 100MBPS ISP connection. If you’re site’s not coming up quickly, it’s not our hardware’s fault.

Industry Standard Software
It’s our job to keep an ear on the track and know when major technology shifts are coming. We have to insure that your website is created with software that will continue to be supported for the decade ahead. We’ve learned those lessons decades ago. Your site will be hosted on a Linux Apache server. The web technologies will be industry standard PHP, MySQL (database), Javascript, jQuery, WordPress, CSS and the custom coding CompuMatter creates to weave it all together. We don’t experiment with software that hasn’t first be bullet proof tested in all browsers in all devices and that we believe will be here many years from now.

Custom Fonts
Everybody uses Ariel and Times Roman. How about Copperplate, Hawain, Popplar, Bauhaus and others. With a CompuMatter built website, you can pick your favorite font and we’ll make your entire website with it.

When our designers create your site the font we choose is a integral part of the design considerations. Nobody else does that.

All of the above matters and so much more. We know what we’re talking about. We build the servers your site lives on and we’ve been building websites since 1998.

In most cases, CompuMatter will be your best option for the above reasons and many, many more.

There are a few exceptions and we’ll be very honest with you if we can recommend a better alternative for your particular purpose.