At Your House – Any House 😉

house-callsYou’ll save around 30% bringing your computer to our store. There’s certainly a value in that. However, sometimes the problem is at your house. Even if you could bring it in, bringing it here and picking it up means you have to take an extra hour or more of your own time does it still make sense?

Wireless Problems

For instance, if your problem is with a wireless connectivity issues your problem could be the computer, the printer, the router, the modem or a cable in the mix. In the case of the modem it has to be tested at your place anyway because that’s where your Internet provider feeds it. Now, if you have only one device that doesn’t get online and others that do, it may make sense to bring it to the store but otherwise, call us and we’ll tell you what makes the most sense.

To Heavy or Too Much Stuff

Sometimes the stuff is just too darn heavy or there’s just too much of it. The process of marking every single thing that was plugged in and color coded can be daunting and you can always get it wrong when you go back home which just adds to the frustration.

Time is Money or just ‘My Time’

If you could be using that same period of time to finish work that is more valuable to you than it may not. The saying stepping over dollars to pick up pennies certainly applies there. Alternatively you may just want to relax and watch T.V., or do some gardening or just enjoy that time instead of shuffling back and forth to the computer store.

Personal Training

It’s a real luxury to have a computer technician in your home helping you with the various questions you may have about how to do this or that. We have a 1 hour minimum for all ‘At Home’ requests. Sometimes we get things fixed sooner than that. You can make up the extra time by having us help you with some of those things you’d like to learn.

There are times when bringing it into the store just doesn’t make sense.