Hosting – The Heartbeat Of Our Websites

A server is to your website as your heart is to your body. Without it, you would cease to exist.

Yet for all the world, servers are never noticed. Hosting servers are a major determining factor of how fast your website loads. Yet, the layperson cannot know this.

CompuMatter knows this and we invest heavily in bringing you the best and fastest hosting environment at mere economy class prices.

In 90% of the cases you will find that web developers know very little about the servers their websites live on. In most cases they are renting space from some other company who deals with servers. Often in a different City or State. It’s quite enough for the average web development firm just to stay up on web technology alone much less think about server solutions. Simply put, most web developers do not have a clue about the web servers your site lives on.

This approach doesn’t result in the fastest solution or the best possible website. It is like a doctor who operates on an arm or a leg without intricate knowledge of the hearts role in it.

We have that intricate knowledge.

Our Extreme Servers – Built By Us – For Your Website

We order the parts and hand assemble the actual website servers that the site you’re reading lives on. We order the circuit boards, wiring, ssd drives, and configure them to run optimally. We install Apache Server software, SQL databases and all else that needs configuring. Furthermore, we build them to be among the fastest Raid Arrayed SSD Drives, Core i7, servers on the planet. We impart RAID technology on those SSD drives and Virtual Servers within them.

Your website will live right alongside this ours. We don’t play favorites. This means your website lives on the fastest server environment you will likely find at any price, anywhere.

We have an intimate understanding of server terms like DNS, MX, postfix, bind, bash scripting, symlinks and more. As web developers, we of course also understand terms like HTML5, Databases, SQL and PHP and more.

These two worlds, the server world and the website world dance with each other every day. To understand one without the other makes a web development firm unable to tap each worlds highest potential.

Our knowledge of these two worlds, coupled with our ability to host in-house on our own equipment is just one of the many reasons we can create website technology that few other companies can.


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