We Don’t Know – What We Don’t Know

So, how do we know – so that you can know, how much your website will cost. Well, not without knowing your design and functionality needs as discussed below. There’s only one way we’re going to find out and we can’t give you an accurate estimate until you:

Come in for one-on-one consultation so we can accurately assess your needs

When you’re done, you will have become an expert on what you need. We will both know what we do not know 😉

How much is a house ?

If you walked into a car dealership and asked “How much does a car cost?” they would assume you were joking. If you walked into a real estate office and asked “How much does a house cost” the reaction would be the same.

Yet, it is always a question we get about websites. How much does a website cost.

The answer? Same as with the others. Could be 500.00. Could be 20,000.00. If it’s amazon.com or ebay.com we’re recreating it could cost 1,000,000 or many times more.

Moving forward, let us take the mystery out of this. Exactly 2 things are going to determine how much your website costs. How much detail and time you require in these two areas will have a direct effect on your pricing.

    • A design can be as simple as a single dot on a page like the one we created at OnePixelWebsite.com . We would not charge very much at all for that 😉 OR… instead you may require the employment of a graphic artist to create a one off piece as elaborate as the imagination can conjure. That can cost many, many thousands.
    • It may be a design geared to your business type and properly weighted to highlight what your business does in order of priority.
    • Do you need a functioning store? A calendar of events? Photo galleries? Testimonials? Animations? Email? A Blog? Restaurant Menus? Auto Dealer? Home Builder?All these things matter.

We must then weave these two things together as a finished product. The Design and Functionality of your website should fit like a glove with each complimenting each other. It is no different than the weaving of a quilt or the building of a house.