CompuMatter’s roots go a long way back to Microsoft’s early days with DOS. Before hard drives existed and everything lived on floppy disks. In fact before that when data was stored on cassette tapes. So we know Windows from the bottom up.

CompuMatter services all operating systems. This includes Windows, Apple, Android and Linux.

Having said that, the vast majority of the worlds computers are using Microsoft Windows and CompuMatter certainly has the expertise in this area to solve the problems that come up on Windows Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, All-In-One’s and Phones.

The types of problems you may run into can be separated into two main area. Hardware or Software.

Common Software Problems:

  • Viruses – Viruses can come in many forms. Form fair innocuous ones severe and scary ones. We’ve dealt with all of them. From the ‘Microsoft Indians’ who claim to be from Microsoft and want to take control of your computer to the data encryption (very bad) that encrypt your data and hold it for a ransom. If you have a virus, CompuMatter is the place to take it.
  • Slowness of your computer – can come from a variety of sources. It can of course be from having too many programs running in the background and taking up resources. It can also be from running low on hard drive space or from virus or malware. The vast majority of slowness issues can be resolved with a System Cleanup at CompuMatter. In some cases you may have an actual defective piece of hardware such as a faulty hard drive causing your issue. In either case, we’ll be able to make that determination and give you the expert advice you need to make and informed decision.
  • Upgrades gone bad – Over the decades we seen a common theme when it comes to upgrades. There’s simply too many variables to predict how an upgrade is going to behave with the zillions of different programs, printers and computers much less the way the actual humans use them. As a result, major upgrades such as Windows 95 to 98, 98 to Millennium, XP to Vista, Windows 7 to 8 and 8.1 to 10. In each of those instances, there was fallout. If you’ve been around as long as we have you expect 10% of these ugprades to result in problems of some kind. CompuMatter is a vortex for these kinds of issues and as a result are well equipped to advise you on your options and fixes available for them.
  • Internet connectivity problems – Network issues come in many forms. Wireless and wired. The reasons can be many fold. Wireless problems can result from the transmitting router being flawed, the computer or tablets receiving wireless card is weak, there are password and login issues, or perhaps their is a problem with being just beyond of strong signal range. Both wired and wireless connections can suffer from existing unseen virus or malware and in many cases the anti-virus software that is supposed to protect you is the reason your Internet is failing. As you can tell, we are no strangers to these issues and many more. Some Internet issues can be cured by bringing your computer to our store. However, if it’s a wireless printer problem, that has to be corrected at your location. In either case, give us a call and we’ll sort it out.
  • Data recovery or transfers – Data is one of those things you simply cannot replace. When it’s gone, it’s gone. Sometimes you need help getting your data off a computer before you sell it or dispose of it. Sometimes a hard drive is going bad or has gone bad and you need sound advice on what your options are. There are many levels of data recovery. We are experts at those involving software to recover your data which is the most common solution. This is done using a combination of Windows data recovery programs, Linux data recovery programs and also drive cloning machines we possess. If you require hard drive dis-assembly we can also advise you further on your options.

Common Hardware Problems:

  • Laptops – laptop hinge replacement, laptop and tablet display replacement, keyboard replacement, hard drive replacement, upgraded memory, replacement of DVD drives, soldering or replacement of DC power plugs, liquid spill recoveries, laptop and tablet drop (impact) recovery, touch pad replacement, wireless card replacement, body panels replaced and painting.
  • Desktops – power supply replacement, hard drive replacement, adding secondary drives, DVD drive replacement or upgrades, power button repairs, motherboard, memory and or CPU upgrades, video card, wireless card and other common card upgrades.


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