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Easy to find. Centrally located in Anacortes, WA. Just a 30 drive from either Mount Vernon or Oak Harbor or a pleasant ferry ride from the out islands.

No matter where you’re coming from, it’s worth the trip!
You just can’t find a computer solution like CompuMatter anywhere.
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Vision Matter – Guaranteed Virus Free Computing
You can like this computer for either or both reasons.
It’s ‘Easy on the Eyes’. ...more
Lenovo ThinkCentre Portable Desktop
695.00 Sale: 395.00
Sold for double this amount new.  This is a refurbished model in new condition and as with all com ...more
Lenovo T430 Core i5 Laptop
895.00 Sale: 395.00
The T Series Lenovo laptops are a unique blend of well thought out features and incredible performa ...more
Dell All-In-One : Worlds Largest Tablet ?
Unique Dell All-In-One Desktop computer / tablet combined !
Get what you need – a computer, moni ...more

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