Freelance Website Designer

CompuMatter has finished its creation of state of the art website technology and is now at the beginning phase of preparing our marketing effort. That effort relies heavily on you. We will rely upon a Photoshop Designer to create what we feel gives our client websites a feeling and not just function.

When we start the process of making phone calls and hitting the street, we must already have you in place. We must know in advance you are reliable and artistically within our ideals. So initially, we will be starting off slowly. A project here, a project there.

Once we know you bring the goods we will begin serious marketing in earnest and you will have the choice to remain a freelancer or jump on board with us and our mission. You can then choose to work at our store in Anacortes or remotely if you wish. As long as your designs are good and on time, we are happy either way.

Websites Should Make You Feel Something

When you look at a website it should accomplish a few goals. It should be pleasing to the eye. What is pleasing? Well, we’ll have to work that out together 😉 but people overall should find it to be attractive, perhaps hinting at the industry it is made for. It should invite you in for a closer look if you are in fact a potential client.

  • If we’re marketing Rolls Royce, it should ‘feel’ classy and expensive.
  • If we’re marketing a plant nursery, it should ‘feel’ like a garden.
  • If we’re marketing swimming pools, it should ‘feel’ aquatic.
  • If we’re marketing a spa and massage site, it should ‘feel’ peaceful and relaxing.
  • If we’re marketing Heating & Air Conditioning, it should ‘feel’… well that’s a tougher one 😉 but we’ll work together and decide

The design should ‘cater to’ the norms expected for that particular industry type.

They should ‘feel’ comfortable, professional, artistic yet easily navigable and uncluttered.

You’ll notice we use the word ‘feel’ a lot here. We want people to feel something when they see our websites. We do not want it to look generic. Why would they buy from us what anyone can give them. It needs to be special. It needs to make them feel.

We Are Your Client

Our client is not your client. Though there are times when we may have you speak with them, your customer is ultimately us. We will work with you to give you our insights and the goals we wish to achieve. You will then be on your own, with your computer and in your space.

No website creation or marketing is being done here. We only require that you be able to put your mind inside each industry and make a site feel like its owners would want it to feel.

You will be acting as a freelancer to begin with however our clients will perceive you as part of the CompuMatter team. We do not allow freelancers to market their own goods and services to our clients. We say this now only to remove any grey area down the line.

What do we mean by freelancer?

A freelancer by definition means you are using your computer, your software in your space. This gives you the luxury of doing life on your terms. All we ask is that when we agree upon a timetable for a design project, we can rely upon you to not let us or our client down.

How Much / How Long

How much? We will be paying between 200.00 and 300.00 per design depending on the complexity and ‘redos’ that may be required to get the finished product. We know sometimes there’s some back and forth to get the design right and so we allow for that in this range.

How long? Well, the faster you can turn in a design that works, the more websites we can sell and the more money you make. So you ultimately control your destiny. Having said that, anything longer than 5 days will be tough for us to work with.

The Future

CompuMatter has been working on its website technology for the last 2 years. It is superior to anything in the market place and if you come on board, we will demonstrate that to you. It is our plan to sell this technology nationwide and perhaps more. This is a ground floor opportunity with a company that has very large aspirations.

How To Apply

Thank you for considering this job opportunity. Since you are a freelancer, we do not need you to fill out the traditional employment verification forms. We would just ask you to provide the following:

  • Create An Online Gallery and give us a link to it. You can supply your existing one or create one at We need to see some of what you have done.
  • Tell us a little about yourself, where you live, what you do and why in your own words you are the best person for this opportunity.
  • Tell us how to contact you! Email Address and Phone Number

Then send that in an email to

If you do not hear back from us, I’m afraid we have chosen another. We can only choose 1 for this. However, as we move forward many opportunities exist both in designing and in sales. If you are experience in video production, be sure to let us know as that is an area we will be doing more in

Thanks again for your time.


Jay Lepore