All Things Computer four-os

Admittedly, ‘All Things’ is a pretty broad stroke. How about Windows, Apple, Android, Linux, Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Phones, Website Design, Website Hosting, One-on-One Training, Computer sales and much more. At least closer to ‘all things’ than any one else 😉

We want your computer business from the cradle to the grave and we can do it using those 3 words. ALL THINGS COMPUTER. Something no national brand computer store on the planet offers.

Friendly and Caring

We are building a relationship, not just closing a deal. Our goal – to treat you as we would want our Mother, Brother, Sister or Father treated if they walked into some other computer store as a stranger.

We don’t want them to feel vulnerable. We don’t want them to feel stupid. We would want them to feel cared about and cared for. We want their questions to be considered carefully before suggesting the solution. We don’t want them to feel overwhelmed.

We’re not a bunch of left brainers that can’t relate to people. We recognize that you don’t know ‘our world’ and that makes you feel a bit more vulnerable. We’ll do our best to remove that feeling of vulnerability and make you know we have your best interests at heart. For the record, we also feel vulnerable getting a service that is foreign to us like auto repair or life insurance 😉

Experts – not Geniuses

The likes of Einstein, Galileo and Nikola Tesla will NOT be solving your problem. Having said that, we’ll put our overall expertise up against anyone’s. We know of no other technology solutions provider that offers deeper expertise in such a wide variety of services. Calling ourselves geniuses would seem a pretty arrogant statement. Calling ourselves experts is a ‘no brainer’ 😉

Our Mission

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