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    John Wilkinson came in for a Gmail account recovery but he no longer had the phone number tied to it. Douglas got him going again and I thank you John for taking the time to do this video testimonial. Much appreciated. Jay Owner CompuMatter .-.
    Chuck Spaeth has done business with us for perhaps 10 years now. As an ex-pilot and boating captain he appreciates systems (including businesses) working like they're supposed to. We appreciate Chuck. We also appreciate the case of interesting multi-type micro brew beers he has dropped off as a thank you on more than a few occasions over the years !! .-.
    Ruth needed training - she made an appointment with Douglas @ CompuMatter. Now she's knows everything 😉 Thanks for coming to us Ruth... again and again. Also thanks for referring other people to us. We are grateful. Jay Owner CompuMatter .-.
    Customer Bart Evans shares his appreciation of CompuMatter 🙂 Customer Bart Evans shares his appreciation of CompuMatter while being assisted by technician Douglas Lepore. Thank you Bart. We love you to too 😉 Thanks for being our customer over the years and helping us chase our dreams Jay Owner CompuMatter .-.
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